Law & Order: UK theme song/intro/ending

The best part without a doubt about Law and Order: UK is the incredible character development there is, with their wit and their intelligence, they make the ultimate team.

…Fluent French?"
“Still waters, Sammy. Still waters.
Ronnie and Sam - Law and Order: UK (07x05 - Mortal)

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Law and Order: UK - Team Law & Team Order

(Neon signs: For when you definitely, positively want to let the world know you’re in this fandom.)

I'll See You In Avalon: Watching Confession in my bed because I miss Matty


(And the entire rest of the cast bar Ronnie who have ALL left now)

This episode is even more painful now that Matt’s dead :( All through the series we learn more and more about how truly awful his childhood was - and just when he had got his life on track, he was killed by a trigger happy…


I’ve missed you so much L&O: UK!

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Law & Order: UK - Series 7 Trailer

The new series will be starting on July 14th at 9pm on ITV.

That place between sleep and awake: Sunday 14th July 2013 - 9pm - ITV


Georgia Taylor and Paterson Joseph join the cast of ITV’s highly successful drama Law & Order: UK for series seven with dramatic storylines including a devastating train crash, kidnap and child grooming.
Taylor (Casualty, Lewis, Coronation Street) is defence barrister turned Crown…


Law and Order returns on Sunday 14th July at 9pm on ITV


Jamie and Bradley 2009 Interview about L&O:UK

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